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Letters. Letters to the Editor should not exceed 250 words, 5 references, and 2 figures or tables.

Figures. Use only those illustrations that clarify and augment the text. More than 10 total illustrations per manuscript would have to be justified. Please refer to the instructions in Technical Requirements for Figures for guidelines at submission and acceptance. We need the figures submitted as high-resolution TIF or JPG files. Generally, each figure file should exceed 200 kB. Please submit your photographic images at 5 inches (13 cm) wide at 300 pixels per inch (120 pixels per centimeter), minimum. This applies to each part for multipart figures. Save them as TIF (with LZW compression), JPG (with “maximum quality” setting), or PSD (native Adobe Photoshop format). Please do not add arrowheads, “a,” “b,” asterisks, etc directly to the file that contains the figure. A separate composite figure in PowerPoint may be submitted to indicate the location of arrows, asterisks, etc. Because of space limitations, the editors ask that authors crop out all extraneous portions on clinical photographs, CT scans, and ultrasound images (for example, identifying features or patient names), or indicate crop marks on photo margins.

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